Welcome families.

We coach our children every day. Perhaps you are already coaching your children to do well at sports or knitting, to have good manners, or to keep their room tidy. We are often one of our children’s best coaches throughout their life.

However sometimes families find it difficult to coach well. If you want support to help your children become confident students, ring me for a chat to see if we can work together to give them the reading, writing and Mathematics skills and the study skills they need.

  The Student Tuition Centre, 

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The Weird Word Game,

Check out how you can learn reading and spelling rules while making 'weird words'.

It is completely made in New Zealand.

The Coaching Guide. 

How to Coach Your Children to be Excellient Students m





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You can teach your child to succeed beyond anyone’s expectations!

I have been a student, teacher, and parent for most of my life, and have worked at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level. My experiences have taught me that children will improve their reading, writing and math skills beyond theirs and anyone else’s expectations, when they are in an environment which:

  1. believes in them,
  2. supports them to aim high, and
  3. gives them the tools to reach their goals.

My five key beliefs

  1. Every child has untapped intelligence they may not be aware of.
  2. All children hunger to learn and develop.
  3. If you treat a child as a highly intelligent person, they will believe you over time, and  will act accordingly.
  4. Effort over time (yours and theirs) makes an important difference in how successful a child is.
  5. Children need to learn the best way to learn new information and skills more easily.

I help families and their children develop the skills to work together so the children become excellent readers, writers and mathematicians. Coaching a student to develop the skills they need, changes their life forever.

Please  get in touch here or ring me on (06)8340214 or 0273188636 to discuss the needs of your child.


Anne (M.Ed., Dip.T.)

2 responses »

  1. fredphillips says:

    Great site Anne. Children need compassionate mentors! Cheers!


    • annethecoach says:

      Thanks for that encouragement Fred. In the end love is actually all there is. I also love my job! It’s such fun getting to know and enjoy others, and working to enable them to achieve in the areas they want to achieve in.


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